Week 6, Vermont

I don’t know enough about Vermont! I’ve spent less than a day there. It was a gorgeous 5 or 6 hours, and the French-derived ‘green mountain’ state lived up to the hype. Some of you may be thinking ‘Vermont and hype’ don’t go in the same combo. Gosh, if Vermont isn’t serene and understated in the most majestic way.

The hype, for me, came from my Niagara Falls, NY grandfather who told me Vermont was his favorite place of anywhere, and he saw a lot of places and a few countries, too, before I had the opportunity. He would become nostalgic remembering and hoping we’d go together. He wanted my sis and me to learn to ski at Killington (and he IS responsible for this GA girl learning to ski at a young age, a rare and much appreciated experience in 1985!). We didn’t go to Killington, VT because Grandpa was 74 by the time he got us on the slopes.

Anyway, his love of the place left a snowy, magical Vermont residue in my mind. If I’m stereotyping Vermont, forgive me, since I admit only a brief personal glimpse. Grandpa used 100% maple syrup from The Vermont Country Store exclusively. The image of the tin can- the smell and the taste- etched in my mind like food glitter. We also wore flannel from TVCS before flannel was hip for Southerners. Again, Grandpa was just authentically Northern and flannel IS nice and warm. …I’d eventually seek TVCS catalogue as an adult, to order Christmas gowns and good bedroom shoes (slippers, Grandpa called them) and tin can maple syrup after he passed away. He told me about grazing cows (most cows of any state per human, turns out ), and green hills and quaint churches and wooden bridges and snowy valleys.

Vermont in December, 20+ years after his death, when I first saw it, was exactly as Grandpa recalled. My venture into the state, a somewhat inconvenient fast day trip meant to send a telepathic message- Grandpa, you’re right. It’s what you said it was and I made it.So, yeah, Ski Killington and eat syrup (it is in fact the biggest producer of maple syrup) and take pictures of cows and churches and bridges (the most of any state). Vermont is the second least populated state and, I believe, there’s no McDonald’s in its capital city and it was the last state to give into a WalMart. Quaint and genuine. Plus, there’s Bernie, who’s pretty chill 🕶 of late, and the home of Ben & Jerry’s (are they still in the 🍨 biz?)…Grandpa bought the best ice cream and once told me that he had Vermont to thank for his quality taste.

I’m headed back to Vermont for a longer stay. It was top of our list to return there after our glimpse of it in Dec. 2019. Then, Covid 🙄 So, I’m counting on you special Vermonters (got a few cool friends up there😘🧣) to let me know when to come. Soon! Last pic is where we are staying when we return. Oh, I forgot to tell you that, my hubby! 🏔💚

As always, please leave your comments and travel photos.

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