Week 2: Wisconsin

Wow, I know and like several folks from Wisconsin! It’s a glacier, like, you understand, the state was a glacier. It’s THE dairy state and these are some interesting and commendable farmers! We know a few firsthand.

Wisconsinites consume 21 million gallons of ice cream / year (I think of a specific couple/ farmer friends; they have a cool farm and store there and make A LOT of ice cream).

Here’s what I know: It’s freezing and the lakes are big like an ocean view. The only trip that’s ever been canceled on me was when the land/Air BnB owner from Door County called and said, “Take it from me. It’s a bad week to come.” I replied, “I know I have the accent and we live in Georgia, but, trust me, we’re accustomed to winter travel. We want to dog sled!” He said, “Listen, I can’t get to the house you rented, the dogs aren’t coming out, and when we get off the phone I’m going to Minnesota to warm up…” 👀

I guess they eat a lot of ice cream because it’s the dairy state, but, dang, it’s a cold place to eat 21 million gallons of ice cream. Highlights: beer, cheese, lakes, invented ice cream sundaes

Home of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Frank Lloyd Wright and 16,670+ lakes

***Please feel free to comment or share state photos each week.
****We once drove 140 extra miles on a 2500-mile road trip so our kids could get a pic on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. We snapped one pic, ate two pounds of very good cheese, and drank beer (us, not the kids🍻). -CC

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