My FOURTH published fiction release…

WOW! What a busy few weeks… ***First off, here’s the latest interview about RETURN, with class-act interviewer Suzanne Harris of Books on Air. I got invited BACK to talk about my sidestep over into a new genre of time travel and magic with RETURN. ***Don’t miss the interesting party pictures from the grand release of RETURN on Halloween night 2020, below, too. Link to interview, right here.

Backstory on writing RETURN: The night of Halloweeen 2019, as my husband and I were getting dressed in our ghoulish costumes, I told him I was ready to write a book different from any others I’d written. Very chill, he replied, “Why haven’t you ever written about Halloween? It’s your favorite.”

This book was born from my frenzied, ‘pantser’ writing day and night for a month. My artist sister came through with the incredible cover illustration.

RETURN released, purposely, on that epic, blue moon, clocks falling back, Saturday Halloweeen night 2020!!! I asked party guests to snap pics in front of the original canvas. All of this is a dream come true!

***RETURN is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as print and eBook!

The hubs and I went as Slash and Axl!

RETURN- Travel with Mawd and Ian through 15th century Wales, Eyam- the English plague village, Colonial American, the Roaring Twenties, and San Fran’s Summer of Love~

What a dream! Live your dream. –CC

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