Hello everyone! I’ll be sharing some of my past writings including poetry, travel logs, short stories, and new stuff too, during this interesting global time. No mention of the c-word or q-word.

Tonight, let’s revisit my pen from the evening of December 3, 2000.


Together we’ll sing and dance the hour long, Let not my capering tune replace your song.

For leaf on trembling leaf does not cover, They inhabit one branch but never vein of other.

And wave upon flitting wave e’er approach the sand, Yet one by one they break upon the land.

Raindrops fall from sky in welcome song, Never does one upon the other throng.

Stars twinkle harmoniously as sky’s splendor, Never does one unto another render.

In all the world and even to Heaven’s gate, I challenge you to find a different fate.

There is no clue that two shall ever be one, For each night’s moon makes way for rising sun.

Mountains open to valley, not new hill.

Songs of birds are beautiful for each peal.

Even in human birth you will not find

that two are one within their very minds.

For each is born of his unique design, And each new breath is never any but thine.

Perhaps you say, we will be one in death, But only I will take my dying breath.

And only Fate knows when that time will be, Or whether you will beat the path for me.

My thoughts on the Master plan just make more clear,

The intention for us in the days of Here.

One and one aren’t two, more likely three, and I will neither live nor die for thee.

Beloved, trees can’t grow within the shade of tree, And crisscrossed rivers shall never find way to sea.

For all that’s strong in this world by divine hand, Seeks its fate and on its merit stands.

So, dance with me till one can hear no tune.

And, sing with me till one can’t see new moon.

Then whether ’tis you or I on Earth remain

Two lived and two rejoice in Eternity’s gain.

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