Our Great and Funny United States

Week 1: Wyoming

So, the Halloween memes I shared on Facebook produced laughter, something we are in need of in 2021 and always.

What about poking fun at the great United States, one per week? I’m a geography/travel/states/US trivia nerd and enjoyed spending time in almost every state (I love something about each one). I have FB friends in/from every state but the least populated: Wyoming (correct me if I’m wrong, Wyomingites)🤠

Laugh with me and at ‘US’ instead of being offended, please, which is why I’m going in reverse alphabetical order. Alabama memes proved too brutal for week 1😉

Hopefully I/you will learn something along the way. Do comment or share your travel pics!

Wyoming, to me- Windy, sparse, vast wilderness. Highlights- windy, sparse, vast wilderness

Known for Yellowstone, Old Faithful, first to grant women the right to vote and first female governor, Harrison Ford, Dick Cheney, Jackson Pollock, last to raise the legal drinking age (understandable 💨 ❄️🐎 )

*For this great state, I couldn’t choose just one meme. –CC