Interview with author Clare Cinnamon — Blogespresso

Q1.  Hello Ma’am, can you please introduce yourself? Readers would love to know more about you. I’m from a small town in the Southern United States. I hold dual degrees in business and psychology and read or write about almost anything. I began writing when I was four, before I knew how to write words- […]

Interview with author Clare Cinnamon — Blogespresso

Thank you for the opportunity to share tidbits of my author journey! –CC

Lainey Cash by Clare Cinnamon — passionduniya’s review

BOOK IS AVAILABLE in print or eBook at Amazon and B&N.

Title: Lainey Cash Author: Clare Cinnamon Format: Kindle Rating: 4.5/5 Lainey Cash is the first book in the “From the Fifteen Thousand Times for Fifty Years” series written by the author Clare Cinnamon. The story is set in Mallard, Mississippi. The protagonist of the story is Delaina Cash aka Lainey. She is the daughter of […]

Lainey Cash by Clare Cinnamon — passionduniya

Books by the fire

A heartfelt thanks to pattyisbooked for the IG Book Tree Challenge.

I confess. Christmas grinch here. Not horrible and grouchy and mean and selfish, just sluggish in a to-everything-a-season-in-due-course way. Every year, I awake with a jolly spirit in my own time (usually around the 21st of December or so). Well, who could’ve guessed this lovely little challenge would speed things along?

A magical trio for sure: Books, firelight, snowflake.

My newly published Lainey Cash, Book One found its way front and center amid a mad dash of personal authorship must-haves in tree form:

  1. The Travel Book because the more you go, the more you know.
  2. The Canterbury Tales because characterization is key.
  3. Time Travel Short Stories because I need inspiration and direction for my newest venture, a historical, Halloween, time-traveling work-in-progress, Return.
  4. The John Deere Story because Lainey and Jed are farmers. I’m a farmer’s wife and it’s something I celebrate!
  5. Lainey Cash, Book One because I wrote it, it’s published, and that’s self-happiness, glee, and cheer in a rectangle.
  6. Bella Tuscany because I adore Italy, particularly Tuscan lands and memories of Florence.
  7. Such a Pretty Girl because such a pretty cover hooked me and every author harbors a to-be-read pile.
  8. Pocket Thesaurus because this lady still loves one.
  9. Writer’s Block because I penned an entire unforeseen trilogy in a sparked frenzy this summer from one question in there.

Live your joy. –Clare Cinnamon