Books by the fire

A heartfelt thanks to pattyisbooked for the IG Book Tree Challenge.

I confess. Christmas grinch here. Not horrible and grouchy and mean and selfish, just sluggish in a to-everything-a-season-in-due-course way. Every year, I awake with a jolly spirit in my own time (usually around the 21st of December or so). Well, who could’ve guessed this lovely little challenge would speed things along?

A magical trio for sure: Books, firelight, snowflake.

My newly published Lainey Cash, Book One found its way front and center amid a mad dash of personal authorship must-haves in tree form:

  1. The Travel Book because the more you go, the more you know.
  2. The Canterbury Tales because characterization is key.
  3. Time Travel Short Stories because I need inspiration and direction for my newest venture, a historical, Halloween, time-traveling work-in-progress, Return.
  4. The John Deere Story because Lainey and Jed are farmers. I’m a farmer’s wife and it’s something I celebrate!
  5. Lainey Cash, Book One because I wrote it, it’s published, and that’s self-happiness, glee, and cheer in a rectangle.
  6. Bella Tuscany because I adore Italy, particularly Tuscan lands and memories of Florence.
  7. Such a Pretty Girl because such a pretty cover hooked me and every author harbors a to-be-read pile.
  8. Pocket Thesaurus because this lady still loves one.
  9. Writer’s Block because I penned an entire unforeseen trilogy in a sparked frenzy this summer from one question in there.

Live your joy. –Clare Cinnamon